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Jared's Weirdness (and Other Things)

The fact that I actually like Jared/Misha seems to surprise a lot of people.

Jared’s Weirdness (and Other Things)
PG-13 | Jared/Misha | ~600 words
This all has to be a weird prank, right?
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When Jared, who’s usually too lazy even to come to meetings, starts scheduling them, Misha fully prepares himself to be groped, picked up, catapulted, splattered in unholy substances and exploded; possibly all at once.

He doesn’t expect, however, for their script reading to actually be a bunch of actors sitting around a table reading their scripts.

Misha takes his usual place next to Jim, smiling politely at the extra on his other side. Jared and Jensen are seated at the opposite end; Eric sitting on his tall chair between his two stars so he can gesture magnanimously around while they read. He still looks short.

Misha takes a drink of Jim’s coffee and tries to listen while Eric explains the direction he wants this episode to go in. Jensen is openly yawning at his left elbow, guzzling coffee so strong Misha can smell it over here. The only person in the whole room that actually looks awake (besides Eric, who may or may not actually sleep, Misha’s still not sure) is Jared, chewing gamely on a pen cap while he contemplates the utter angst and aloneness of Sam Winchester’s existence. Or something.

He looks up from his script just long enough to catch Misha’s eye and grins. Misha takes another fortifying sip of Jim’s coffee.


Jensen doesn’t look really awake until the end of the reading and Misha can feel sympathetic bags forming under his own eyes. Jim finally noticed that Misha was drinking all of his coffee and swatted him with his script, so those might be bruises, actually. Makeup’s going to kill him unless he can convince them that Castiel’s supposed to get into a fight this week.

Jared comes bounding over to Misha with a grin. Misha’s prepared to break out into kickboxing or some kind of innate kung-fu for tragically tormented white boys, but, no, he’s kind of just staring at the 6’4” wall of muscle coming at him.

And Misha feels like the worlds biggest jackass when it turns out Jared just wants to talk about the most recent Sam-nerding-over-Castiel-while-Castiel-not-so-subtly-threatens-him scene. It’s kind of adorable, in a really fucked up way, how excited Jared is for Misha to make a confused face at him and growl for a while, but whatever, as long as there’s no more paintballs in Misha’s shorts he’s good.

Jared puts a huge paw on Misha’s shoulder and steers him around the blocking for the scene, almost like he’s the director. Eric seems all for it though, applauding Jared on his artistic choice of having Misha take two steps to the right.

Sometimes it really takes everything Misha has in him to not just sigh, acting.

Jared takes Misha back to the starting point of his scene and sets him in place, his hands on Misha’s shoulders. He smacks a brief, irritating kiss onto the back of Misha’s head and tells him to take it from the top, swatting at his ass to get him moving.

Scowling, Misha moves through his blocks, rolling his eyes at every “encouragement” Jared calls out to him. He’s done when Jared starts talking about how good Misha’s ass looks when he walks.

Misha smacks Jared in the shoulder and starts walking. Jared, being the long armed freak he is, grabs Misha by the wrist, pulls him closer and plants a kiss on his lips.

Now you can go, Jared says.

And now Misha has to figure out what the hell just happened.