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Instant messenger porn

Yeah, I got nothing to say.

Glee; Finn/Puck; Finn's in a dress. Puck is weirded out, and then not. (Crossdressing, spanking and a little D/s. I don't even.)

Puck's kind of wishing Finn were naked, because he can handle naked. He is very good and possibly even an expert at naked, but not at his best dude friend wearing dresses. Especially not the white, billowy pregnancy dress that belongs to Puck's Baby Momma, that is a whole new level of fucked up he's never even heard about.

"Um," Finn says frantically, moving to cover his... everything, really. "This isn't what it looks like."

"Dude," Puck says.

"I just. I-" Finn stammers.

"You what?"

"I... like the way it feels, okay?" Finn says, tugging at the straps. The whole fucking thing is way too small on him, the top part stretched too tightly across his chest and shoulders, and the high waist barely floating out an inch from his stomach, Puck can see the shadows cast by the muscles underneath. If Finn weren't wearing jeans, it would come up way, way too short on him.

"Don't... don't tell Quinn about this," Finn says. His hands grab the bottom and start to pull the dress over his head.

"Leave it," Puck snaps.


"Leave it on," Puck repeats. He puts his hand over Finn's until he drops it, letting the fabric fall almost back into place. It catches, just a little, on the waist of his jeans, and Puck tugs it down the rest of the way, smoothing it out.

"Jesus, Puck," Finn hisses.

"Doesn't look right," Puck says conversationally. "Take your pants off."

Finn's jaw drops. "Puck? Dude, are you..."

"I said, take 'em off, bro," Puck repeats. "You don't want to wrinkle your dress."

Hearing it out loud seems to give Finn that extra push to bring his hands to his fly, moaning a little when his fingers brush him, and undo his belt. He clumsily pushes his jeans down until they fall of their own accord. Puck laughs at Finn's spotted boxers.

"I had you pegged for tighty whities. Those'll have to go too."

"Puck," Finn says, a little weakly. "What are you doing?"

"Trust me, Finn. Strip."

"Okay," Finn whispers. Puck holds the hem of the dress up so he can watch as Finn slides his thumbs under his waistband and pushes them down. His cock is tenting the material, and Finn closes his eyes and whines when the fabric rubs over him.

"I got it," Puck tells him, slipping his fingers in next to Finn's. He drops to one knee to pull them the rest of the way down Finn's legs, and Finn presses one huge palm into his shoulder for balance while Puck has him step out of them. "Much better."

Puck tilts his head up, and yeah, the view is fucking perfect. Finn's naked under his skirt, and all Puck can see is skin and muscle and Finn's cock, fucking obscene surrounded in white cotton. He puts his hand on Finn's leg, just inside the knee, and smoothes it upwards.

Finn whines louder, needier, jerking his hips. "Puck."

"I gotcha," Puck murmurs, running his thumb just under where Finn's thigh meets his groin, urging Finn's legs apart. His fingernails scratch lightly at Finn's skin.

"Fuck," Finn hisses, spreading his legs. "Do something, please."

"Sit on the bed," Puck orders, taking his hand away. He leans back so he's sitting on his heels, and watches. Finn, flushed and pretty, stares at him for a minute like he's wondering if he should kick him in the face. Instead he takes a few steps back, eyes never leaving Puck's face, until he collides with the bed and flops down.

"Please," he repeats.

Sighing, as if this were a chore and not the hottest moment in Puck's whole fucking life, Puck gets on his hands and knees and crawls to Finn, just for that whimper caught in Finn's throat. He kneels between Finn's open legs and presses a kiss to his chest. The fabric feels soft against his lips, and Finn shivers.

Chuckling, Puck kisses him again, darting his tongue out to taste cotton flavored by Finn's sweat.

"C'mon," Finn hisses, thrusting his hips towards Puck.

"Asshole," Puck mutters, rolling his eyes. Finn gives him the glare of death and Puck leans down and licks his cock through the dress, soaking the fabric until it clings to him transparently. Finn groans wordlessly, throwing his head back, so Puck does it again, and again until he tastes more salt than detergent. Finn's shaking, fingers digging into Puck's shoulders through his varsity jacket.

"I need more," Finn whines. "Puck."

"Let me fuck you," Puck asks, almost before he knew he wanted it. But, yeah, fucking Finn sounds pretty goddamn good right about now.

"Jesus," Finn hisses.

"Can I?"

"Y-yeah," Finn says. "Fuck."

"I know you've got lube somewhere," Puck says. Finn pulls up his bedspread and reaches into the crack between his mattress and box-spring, pulling out a small and nearly empty tube. Puck takes it in one hand and pushes Finn back with the other.

"Roll over," Puck commands. He has to cup himself through his jeans not to come right then and there when Finn does as he says, resting on his knees and presenting his ass to Puck, the hem of the dress sliding up the curve of his back. "Fuck, you're hot," he blurts.

"Shut up," Finn mumbles, pulling the pillow towards him and burying his head in it. Puck pulls a blanket off the floor and wads it up, then tucks it under Finn's hips to prop him up. He makes sure Finn can hear it when he pops open the cap on the bottle of lube. He unzips his jeans as Finn moans.

"You ever done this before, man?" Puck asks, slicking his fingers.

"No," Finn says weakly. "Not with someone else."

"It'll be good," Puck promises. He presses against Finn's hole with a slick finger until Finn whimpers and pushes back against him, muttering something that sounds like just do it, already. Puck slides his finger inside Finn and, wow, fuck Finn's tight.

"Jesus," Finn whimpers.

"Call me Puck," Puck says, curling his finger inwards. Finn groans, hips twitching like he doesn't know if he should move towards or away from it. "Hold still," Puck orders, sliding a second finger into him. He can see Finn's fingers dig into the mattress, but he doesn't move.

"Fuck," Finn says.

"Feel good?" Puck asks, pressing against something inside Finn. Finn draws in a sharp, shaky breath and nods, so Puck does it again. He feels Finn's hips jerk and he holds him still with his other hand so he can scissor his fingers.

"Puck," Finn whines, sounding almost angry.

"Alright, alright," Puck sighs, pulling his fingers back, and Finn's hips follow them, drawing back so Puck's fingers are still inside him. Without thinking, Puck brings his other hand down on Finn's ass, hard. Finn hisses, but stills. "Sorry, man," Puck mumbles.

"No," Finn says. "You don't, I mean..."

"You like that?" Puck asks.

Finn nods again.

Experimentally, Puck brings his hand down again, pressing that spot inside Finn as he does. Finn hips jerk and he makes a weak noise, almost a sob.


Puck pulls his fingers out and drags his jeans down gingerly by his belt loops. He leans forward and presses a kiss to the lowest part of Finn's back, nipping gently at his skin. "I'm gonna fuck you now, okay?"

"Do it," Finn says brokenly. Puck straightens and fists his cock, slicking himself up. He grabs onto Finn's hips and pulls them flush, and pushes in. Finn is still so fucking tight that Puck is almost worried he won't be able to fit, but Finn tilts his hips and Puck slides in up to the hilt.

Puck groans wordlessly, fingers digging into Finn's hips.

"Move," Finn hisses.

"Give me a sec," Puck says, rubbing his hand over the mark he left on Finn's ass, feeling him shiver. "Fuck, you're tight."

"Shut up," Finn says, more forcefully. He jerks forward and Puck smacks him again, his hand leaving a red print. He draws back, holding Finn in place, until he's just barely inside him, and slams forward. Finn braces himself against the headboard and just takes it, moaning and whimpering Puck's name over and over. Puck shushes him, dragging his fingers through the short, sweaty hairs along the back of Finn's neck. He fists his hand around the straps of Finn's dress and pulls him up to his hands, mouthing along the back of his neck.

He feels Finn come, untouched, with a sudden shudder, and he goes even fucking tighter around Puck's cock. Puck sinks his teeth into the back of Finn's shoulder and tries to last another few seconds. Finn turns his head towards Puck, his expression hazy and blissed out, and kisses him clumsily, slicking his tongue along Puck's lower lip. Puck thinks about jerking away, but Finn's arm comes up and loops around him, holding him there.

He pulls Finn up to his knees and pulls his legs apart, and now he's fucking up and so fucking deep. Finn rolls his hips into him and that's it, Puck's gone, coming hard and fast and groaning into Finn's mouth.

They're leaning into each other, holding each other up by their combined weight, until they aren't anymore, and collapse sideways half off Finn's bed. Finn moves away, whimpering when Puck slides out of him, and rolls over so they're facing.

"I'm not gay," he says quickly.

"Me neither," Puck says, yawning.

"Okay," Finn says.

"Keep the dress," Puck says. Finn snorts. "Wear it to school," Puck adds.

Finn reaches over and punches him in the chest.