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glen coco ([personal profile] blualbino) wrote2010-08-17 09:46 pm

Masterpost: Sweet Things

Thanks to [ profile] chaosraven for the beta; thanks to [ profile] odysseaia for the lovely art; thanks to [ profile] chica_charlie , [ profile] super_seme04 , [ profile] xlorains_stormx and [ profile] spiro_fly for their support <3.

Eddie is based very very loosely on bakeneko. Any discrepancies or offense are totally my fault.

Spoilers above this.

After Sam dies facing Lucifer, Dean refuses to retire, heading back out on the road to be a hunter. Castiel, almost entirely human, follows, trying to stand as Dean’s new partner, even if Dean does hate him for saving his life at the price of Sam’s. Castiel can take care of himself, until they investigate a case in which he might be the next victim.

Part One | Part Two | Single Post (dreamwidth) | Art Post

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