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glen coco ([personal profile] blualbino) wrote2010-08-26 06:51 pm


- Best concert of my life, hands down. HANDS DOWN. AFI opened, which I actually wasn't aware of until like, twenty minutes before we went to the concert but was very very a;lsjkdal;skfajhf about. I FUCKING LOVE AFI. Davey Havok is so sexy I don't even.

Green Day came out and, as much as I love AFI, they totally blew them away. Billie Joe got everyone up on their feet in .3 seconds and cleared all the security away from the stage. At one point there was like, a whole crowd on the stage with them XD They pulled up this one little boy and Billie Joe turned into an instant creeper. "Hello little boy~, how old are you? You're five~? Are you a virgin~?" The crowd was DDDDDDDDDDD: and he goes "well, fuck, I don't know! THEY HAVE THE INTERNET!" And later they pulled a girl up on stage, she looked like, fourteen, and had her sing Longview. She did not do well XD but she remembered all the words and it was really damn cute. Billie Joe gave her his guitar and she was clutching it like it was her firstborn.

I have more things to say, but it mostly boils down to: "THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! I LOVE THEM! THERE WAS AN ELVIS IMPERSONATOR DOING THE CANCAN!"

It was so crazy the band tweeted about it (the tweet fails to mention that Billie Joe was one of the naked people. Or that Tre was in drag.). I AM PROUD OF MICHIGAN AND SURROUNDING AREAS.

- ILU [ profile] dystopiangirl