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Sexy!Llama invites you in...

This'll make more sense if you go here first.

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's lists.

My five acts -
Begging or offering (begging or pleading for mercy, for sexual release, to be taken; a character offering himself; neediness)

Finger-fucking (as preparation, foreplay, accompaniment, or main act)

Oral fixation or fetishization (lips, tongue, or whole mouth; french-kissing; licking; oral displays using food or beer bottles; smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes; biting or chewing one's lip(s))

Sleep and bedding themes (sharing a bed by necessity, such as in a hotel with only one room left; sharing a sleeping bag for warmth; sex while drowsy or sleeping; sex as a sleep aid; autonomic arousal from proximity; morning wake-up sex, falling asleep against someone's shoulder; watching someone sleep; dreams; nightmares; dream lovers, e.g., succubi; exotic or romantic beds, e.g., canopied; furs as bedding; silk sheets)

Voyeurism and vision themes (character A secretly watches B and C have sex; character A is forced to watch B and C have sex; character A watches character B perform/masturbate; viewing one's beloved in general; taking pictures or video; eye contact, especially as flirting; establishing authority with a look; closing eyes as a trust gesture; character A feeling that character B truly sees him, when no one else does; the quality of light, e.g., characters lit by moonlight or candlelight, or gilded by the setting sun; being in the dark; temporary or permanent blindness; gazes as objectification)

My fandoms -
Glee - Will/Finn, Will/Puck, Kurt/Puck, Finn/Puck, Kurt/Finn, Rachel/Puck

Inception (DON’T ASK) - Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Cobb, Cobb/Mal, Arthur/Ariadne

Supernatural - Dean/Castiel, Dean/Sam/Castiel, Dean/Sam/Cas/Gabriel, Castiel/Meg, Sam/Lucifer, Castiel/Lucifer, Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel/War, John/Bobby, John/Azazel

True Blood - Bill/Sam/Eric/Godric in any permutation (this one’s a really long story), Sam/Tommy, Sam/Sookie, Bill/Sookie, Eric/Lafayette, Eric/Pam, Pam/Jessica, Jessica/Hoyt, Jessica/Tommy

Family; Bill/Godric and Sam/Bill/Eric/Godric; Domesticity for [ profile] super_seme04
I'm Gonna Take You Out; Arthur/Cobb, Cobb/Mal; Formal clothes/Bondage for [ profile] defiant_deviant
Experience; Cas/Future!Cas; licking/biting (liiiiiiiiiiiiittle but of tie kink, but not really) for [ profile] temporalranger
Bite My Lip and Close My Eyes; Billie Joe/Mike (Green Day RPF); sex pollen/masturbation for [ profile] savorvrymoment

Sweet Dreams (are made of this); Castiel/Meg; Sleep by [ profile] super_seme04
Untitled; Sam/Gabriel, Dean; Voyeurism by [ profile] savorvrymoment
Untitled; Dean/Cas; all the prompts, more or less (*____*) by [ profile] janie_tangerine
You're an Animal Too; Tommy/Jessica; Voyeurism by [ profile] redbrunja
Accidental, Dean/Cas, Sam - voyeurism, kissing, begging by [ profile] lilchibibunny