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Weakened and faithless, Castiel seeks refuge as far away from the Winchesters as he can, while Sam tries to pick up the pieces left behind by Jo and Ellen's deaths. When forces beyond their control push Castiel into danger, Dean and Sam venture into a world where everything is not always what it seems to be to bring him back. And they will bring him back, as long as they don't get lost along the way, as long as the dreams Sam are having of Lucifer are only in his head, and as long as Castiel actually wants to be saved.

Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Lucifer
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~28,00 words
Warnings/Spoilers: Situations that could be interpreted as dub-con, brain washing, violence, gambling, food kink.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Single Post (dreamwidth) | Art  | Notes & Acknowledgements
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First off: 

HI NEW FRIENDS! I've already talked to some/most(/all? I don't think so...) of you, but hi anyway!

(that gif is my favorite thing ever, I just really wanted to use it.)

Second )

Third )

Fourth: SEME WROTE JDM/ROBERT DOWNEY JUNIOR! Late pimp is late but wooooooooooooooooooorth it.

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