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Err, Royal Pains fic. This is , like, the first non-Supernatural thing I've written in a sadly long time... Also, it hits on my prompt table

Hank | G | 228 words
It's mostly blue in the Hamptons.

More character study than actual plot, really )
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... because here's all the stuff I've finished in the last coupla days, and they're kinda angsty... Well, two are, one's just straight crack.

Little Pink Guns
Crack | G | Dean/Castiel | Sam is confused when Dean's tastes suddenly change. He's more confused when Dean has a gay crisis.
#70 on the prompt table. Embarrassment

Sam, being the person that spent the most time with Dean, noticed the little things.  )Fix
4.20 Tag | G | Gennnish, minor Dean/Castiel |Castiel was pulled to heaven for his disobedience
#72 - Broken

In heaven... )Should They Kill Me
Angst | R | Dean/Castiel |They had faced each other down across the battlefield, eyes finding each other within the crowds. Castiel standing with heaven's army, coat abandoned for armor, and Dean standing with hell, eyes black as coals.
#80 - Forgiveness

I cried writing this... )
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...Or, presentless guilt. I wrote fic for Rainey's ([profile] xlorains_stormx ) birthday. ILU, BB!

Er, not really sure what happened here, since it was supposed to be, like, schmoopy and not depressing, but Derv wasn't having it. So... I bring you the gift of angsty apocafic!

Countdown )
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Yeah, it took me waaaay to long to finish these (I blame [ profile] spnchallenges ), hope everyone still wants to read them. Original Meme

1) Supernatural-Roxanne (FOB Cover)


2) Supernatural, Dean/Castiel-Prosthetic Head (Green Day)


Dean had to keep reminding himself that Castiel didn't actually look like that )
3) Supernatural, Sam- One of Those Girls (Avril Lavigne)


It was yet another time when they needed information from an old woman )

Pretty Boy

4) Supernatural, Castiel-Admit It! (Say Anything)


Uriel surveyed the street below with distaste, not even trying to appear otherwise )

5) Stargate SG1, Jack/Daniel-Schizophrenia (Blue October)


It could be worse became Jack's mantra )

6) Stargate SG1, Cameron/Daniel- Girl All The Bad Guys Want (Bowling for Soup)


It was all that damn handbag's fault )


7) Scrubs-Chump (Green Day)


I knew I shouldn't have watched that Monty Python marathon... )


The Janitor was seriously wondering just how smart doctors had to be )

8) Scrubs, JD/Cox- Outsider (Green Day)


I was sort of convinced that Dr Cox had serious first grader symdrome )


Today I became convinced that Dr Cox is going to kill me )

9) Twilight, Jasper/Edward- Forget About Love (Aladdin Soundtrack)


It didn't take Jasper all that long to notice )


Jasper wasn't quite as good at hiding things as he thought he was )

10) The Covenant, Chase/Caleb- The Best Damn Thing (Avril Lavigne)


If Caleb wasn't so smart, he might've thought Chase really was after his powers )

THE END! Special thanks to [ profile] super_seme04 , for enabling me

Waking Up

Nov. 15th, 2008 07:27 pm
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Dean woke up on the floor. He muttered something under his breath that, if he was more awake, might have sounded like “Why am I on the floor?” He grumbled a bit more then sat up, but he grinned when he saw that his bed was occupied.

Castiel was stretched out across the tiny motel bed, sleeping for what might be the first time since he took a human form. The blankets were wrapped around him like a cocoon, his mouth was open the slightest bit, and his hair was messed up and sticking up in points  all over the back of his skull. Dean couldn’t help but think he was adorable. As he was watching Cas turned over and snuggled deeper into his blankets. Dean got up quietly and found the pants he had been wearing last night. Carefully, trying not to make any noise, he reached into the pocket and took out his cell phone. Dean selected the camera function and pointed it towards the bed.

*CLICK*That was gonna be his new wallpaper.


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