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Guys, this is the stupidest thing I've ever... Well, not the stupidest, but pretty damn far up there. After Kira made her epic Lucifer mix, I kinda wanted to try my hand at it, but if my Lucifer shows up on Supernatural, I'm pretty sure someone's gonna get sued.

Oh, and I really want to make more mixes, but I have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. Any suggestions?

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Oh yes. I did.

Note: Based off savingfaith333's Wing!Verse. Spoilers for the fic.

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...Or, my musical take on Sam's four months while Dean was in Hell

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This is my half of a joint project with [profile] xlorains_stormx , her half is Sustantivo
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So, music and LJ, two things I have not combined. Until now.

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