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- What the actual fuck is this.

I know a lot of people on LJ don't care/like FF.N, but seriously, this is fucked up. If you don't want to read the article let me summarize: The Literacy Union is mass deleting fic from a FREE, PUBLIC SITE on the basis of bad grammar and misspellings by scanning them. Their program makes no acceptions for dialogue with bad grammar or typos, and you know what, even if a fic is riddled with errors it's still within the TOS of FF.N and should not be removed because that's just FUCKED UP. >|||||

(to [personal profile] dystopiangirl : SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO REPOST THIS IT TOTALLY SLIPPED MY MIND.)

- After last night (spoilery link) I have thoroughly spoiled myself for Season 6. My outlook is bleak. ;____;



- Last thing! Tumblr, I have one. Idek what to do with it (right now it's 99% stuff reblogged from dystopiangirl because SHE IS MUCH BETTER AT THIS THAN I AM) but like, if you tumble (is that the verb I'm looking for?) who's awesome that I should follow? This includes like, everyone on my flist too. TELL ME THINGS.

- ETA: [personal profile] dreamlittleyo wrote me fic!!! YOU SHOULD READ IT (it's John/Jo, nc17 and very shiny): You Want It, You Take It, You Pay the Price.



Aug. 1st, 2010 11:44 pm
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As of... slightly earlier than it is right now, I coerced [ profile] super_seme04 into writing me Twilight fic, because I am a sad, depraved person with loose morals. My first official act as her bitch is to issue this public apology both to her, and to the rest of the internets.

I'm sorry (but have no regrets because it was AWESOME).

That is all.

- [ profile] blualbino
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Sam/Girl!Uriel for seme <33 )
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I should have know the first fic I posted to dreamwidth would have something to do with seme. ILU <3

Putting the Fun in Dysfunction
R | Gabriel/War (YEAH) | ~1800 words
An angel and a horseman walk into a bar.

Read more... )

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Title: Problem? Solved.
Author: Blu ([ profile] blualbino )
Characters/Pairing(s):  Implied Dean/Castiel, Sam
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: CRACK
Summary: In which: a very drunk Dean proposes to a very confused Castiel while Sam sleeps it off in the back seat.
Disclaimer: Not mine…
A/N: I blame Seme, who keeps spawning bunnies even though I need to work on other stuff

Crackiness! )

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Procrastination produces fic!

Title: Sweets for the Sweet (or That One Time Dean Worked In a Candy Store)
Author: Blu ([ profile] blualbino )
Characters/Pairing(s): (Gen) A whole lot of Dean, a little bit of Sam, and some more of Castiel
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Handful of hell flashbacks, way too much sugar for normal people, memory loss, and one incredibly irritating OC
Summary: Dean’s convinced he’s too fit for his job. He has a six pack, and works in a candy store. There’s definitely something wrong there.
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow them.
A/N: Not AU, though it seems like it at first.

He's wandering through a maze, in the dark. )

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Yeah, it took me waaaay to long to finish these (I blame [ profile] spnchallenges ), hope everyone still wants to read them. Original Meme

1) Supernatural-Roxanne (FOB Cover)


2) Supernatural, Dean/Castiel-Prosthetic Head (Green Day)


Dean had to keep reminding himself that Castiel didn't actually look like that )
3) Supernatural, Sam- One of Those Girls (Avril Lavigne)


It was yet another time when they needed information from an old woman )

Pretty Boy

4) Supernatural, Castiel-Admit It! (Say Anything)


Uriel surveyed the street below with distaste, not even trying to appear otherwise )

5) Stargate SG1, Jack/Daniel-Schizophrenia (Blue October)


It could be worse became Jack's mantra )

6) Stargate SG1, Cameron/Daniel- Girl All The Bad Guys Want (Bowling for Soup)


It was all that damn handbag's fault )


7) Scrubs-Chump (Green Day)


I knew I shouldn't have watched that Monty Python marathon... )


The Janitor was seriously wondering just how smart doctors had to be )

8) Scrubs, JD/Cox- Outsider (Green Day)


I was sort of convinced that Dr Cox had serious first grader symdrome )


Today I became convinced that Dr Cox is going to kill me )

9) Twilight, Jasper/Edward- Forget About Love (Aladdin Soundtrack)


It didn't take Jasper all that long to notice )


Jasper wasn't quite as good at hiding things as he thought he was )

10) The Covenant, Chase/Caleb- The Best Damn Thing (Avril Lavigne)


If Caleb wasn't so smart, he might've thought Chase really was after his powers )

THE END! Special thanks to [ profile] super_seme04 , for enabling me

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