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It has begun.

G | Dean/Castiel preslash | ~634 (prompt #13, future)
Future fic. Dean's a mechanic, Sam's a father and an old friend comes to visit.

Dean's the world's sappiest Uncle. )

G | Dean/Castiel, Sam/OFC | 664 words (prompt #26, summer)
Continuation of Visitors. Cas meets the kids

Sam has adorable offspring. )

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You can read this 'verse in any order, as long as you know it starts with #13, future.
01.dawn 06.dusk 11.autumn 16.winter 21.spring 26.summer
02.morning 07.noon 12.night 17.yesterday 22.tomorrow
03.past 08.present 13.future 18.sunrise 23.sunset 28.twilight
04.hours 09.days 14.months 19.years 24.minutes 29.weeks
05.solstice 10.full moon 15.midnight 20.equinox 25.eclipse 30.time

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Yes, yes I did. Because my idea checker okayed it.

Edit: LJ continues to fuck with my coding

Read more... )
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Yeah, it took me waaaay to long to finish these (I blame [ profile] spnchallenges ), hope everyone still wants to read them. Original Meme

1) Supernatural-Roxanne (FOB Cover)


2) Supernatural, Dean/Castiel-Prosthetic Head (Green Day)


Dean had to keep reminding himself that Castiel didn't actually look like that )
3) Supernatural, Sam- One of Those Girls (Avril Lavigne)


It was yet another time when they needed information from an old woman )

Pretty Boy

4) Supernatural, Castiel-Admit It! (Say Anything)


Uriel surveyed the street below with distaste, not even trying to appear otherwise )

5) Stargate SG1, Jack/Daniel-Schizophrenia (Blue October)


It could be worse became Jack's mantra )

6) Stargate SG1, Cameron/Daniel- Girl All The Bad Guys Want (Bowling for Soup)


It was all that damn handbag's fault )


7) Scrubs-Chump (Green Day)


I knew I shouldn't have watched that Monty Python marathon... )


The Janitor was seriously wondering just how smart doctors had to be )

8) Scrubs, JD/Cox- Outsider (Green Day)


I was sort of convinced that Dr Cox had serious first grader symdrome )


Today I became convinced that Dr Cox is going to kill me )

9) Twilight, Jasper/Edward- Forget About Love (Aladdin Soundtrack)


It didn't take Jasper all that long to notice )


Jasper wasn't quite as good at hiding things as he thought he was )

10) The Covenant, Chase/Caleb- The Best Damn Thing (Avril Lavigne)


If Caleb wasn't so smart, he might've thought Chase really was after his powers )

THE END! Special thanks to [ profile] super_seme04 , for enabling me


Feb. 21st, 2009 10:38 pm
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Stolen (with permission) from [ profile] sunsetdawn20 , who still needs prompts (here)

Also, my first meme on LJ  *glee*

1. Pick 10 characters, pairings, or fandoms you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Pair the songs that play with the pairings in the order they come up. Write a drabble/vignette for each.

4. The twist: let people suggest one word to each pairing that has to come up or be implied in the fic. One suggestion/pairing. But one person can suggest words for more than one pairing.

1. Supernatural- Roxanne (FOB Cover) [heheheh...I sense whore!fic coming]

2. Supernatural: Dean/Castiel- Prosthetic Head (Green Day) [*facepalm*]

3. Supernatural: Sam- One Of Those Girls (Avril Lavigne) [This should be interesting...]

4. Supernatural: Castiel- Admit It!! (Say Anything) [My media player seems to be encouraging my crack writing habit]

5. Stargate SG1: Jack/Daniel- Schizophrenia (Blue October) [Yes. This]

6. Stargate SG1: Cameron/Daniel- Girl All The Bad Guys Want (Bowling For Soup) [*dies laughing*]

7. Scrubs- Chump (Green Day) [*grins* fuuuuuuuuuuun]

8. Scrubs: JD/Cox- Outsider (Green Day) [this has possibilities *nods*]

9. Twilight: Jasper/Edward (for Rainey)- Forget About Love (Aladdin Soundtrack) [When did my taste in music become this riduculous?]

10. The Covenant: Chase/Caleb- The Best Damn Thing (Avril Lavigne) [.........]

You know you wanna give me propmts ;)
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I've gone off the deep end this time.

This is my table, with 23 prompts, for me to write 23 three fics, each for a different year in pre-series Supernatural.


0/4. Beginnings 1/5. Sound 2/6. Favorite 3/7. Box
4/8. Habit 5/9. After 6/10. Smell 7/11. Fairytale
8/12. Stranger 9/13. Flip 10/14. Dream 11/15. Care
12/16. Lie 13/17. Shuffle 14/18. Hands 15/19. Worn
16/20. Reason 17/21. Run 18/22. Cut 19/23. First
20/24. Play 21/25. Easy 22/26. Writer's choice 23/27. Writer's choice

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