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- What the actual fuck is this.

I know a lot of people on LJ don't care/like FF.N, but seriously, this is fucked up. If you don't want to read the article let me summarize: The Literacy Union is mass deleting fic from a FREE, PUBLIC SITE on the basis of bad grammar and misspellings by scanning them. Their program makes no acceptions for dialogue with bad grammar or typos, and you know what, even if a fic is riddled with errors it's still within the TOS of FF.N and should not be removed because that's just FUCKED UP. >|||||

(to [personal profile] dystopiangirl : SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO REPOST THIS IT TOTALLY SLIPPED MY MIND.)

- After last night (spoilery link) I have thoroughly spoiled myself for Season 6. My outlook is bleak. ;____;



- Last thing! Tumblr, I have one. Idek what to do with it (right now it's 99% stuff reblogged from dystopiangirl because SHE IS MUCH BETTER AT THIS THAN I AM) but like, if you tumble (is that the verb I'm looking for?) who's awesome that I should follow? This includes like, everyone on my flist too. TELL ME THINGS.

- ETA: [personal profile] dreamlittleyo wrote me fic!!! YOU SHOULD READ IT (it's John/Jo, nc17 and very shiny): You Want It, You Take It, You Pay the Price.

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First off: 

HI NEW FRIENDS! I've already talked to some/most(/all? I don't think so...) of you, but hi anyway!

(that gif is my favorite thing ever, I just really wanted to use it.)

Second )

Third )

Fourth: SEME WROTE JDM/ROBERT DOWNEY JUNIOR! Late pimp is late but wooooooooooooooooooorth it.
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Right, just a tad bit of pimping here. First off: the comm again. WE LIKE NEW PEOPLE. ER, NOT IN A CREEPY WAY. And charlie wrote rob/misha fic, and you all need to squee at her and make her write MOAR RTFN.

Now fic. Silly schmoopy christmas fic (IN NOVEMBER, GAH) that does not deserve a title.
G | Dean/Castiel, Sam | ~400 words
It's cold, Castiel buys a present.

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