Not Nothing

Jul. 4th, 2009 10:28 pm
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Not Nothing
PG | Hank and Tucker | 930 words

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Err, Royal Pains fic. This is , like, the first non-Supernatural thing I've written in a sadly long time... Also, it hits on my prompt table

Hank | G | 228 words
It's mostly blue in the Hamptons.

More character study than actual plot, really )
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... because here's all the stuff I've finished in the last coupla days, and they're kinda angsty... Well, two are, one's just straight crack.

Little Pink Guns
Crack | G | Dean/Castiel | Sam is confused when Dean's tastes suddenly change. He's more confused when Dean has a gay crisis.
#70 on the prompt table. Embarrassment

Sam, being the person that spent the most time with Dean, noticed the little things.  )Fix
4.20 Tag | G | Gennnish, minor Dean/Castiel |Castiel was pulled to heaven for his disobedience
#72 - Broken

In heaven... )Should They Kill Me
Angst | R | Dean/Castiel |They had faced each other down across the battlefield, eyes finding each other within the crowds. Castiel standing with heaven's army, coat abandoned for armor, and Dean standing with hell, eyes black as coals.
#80 - Forgiveness

I cried writing this... )
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Yes, yes I did. Because my idea checker okayed it.

Edit: LJ continues to fuck with my coding

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